Day 7: An Ode to Winding Roads and Rising Cortisol

Our yesterday’s abode was an old cottage nicely tucked in within a quaint village of Fairfield, PA. The drive was nothing short of exciting with its meandering streets complete with their own knolls and vales. The kids enjoyed it immensely. At one point as I took a sharp turn, they screamed out in excitement, while Avishkar frantically hit the imaginary breaks under his feet :D, before giving me a glare and saying, “You’re doing a 50 in a 45 zone; that’s a number I’d like to live to see!!


Almost immediately Avi entered the conversation with a “Daddy, we love mummy’s driving, she scares us better than any rollercoaster ride I’ve ever been on.”. At that very moment, Rishi went “Weeeeee”, as I drove down a steep hill. “Rollercoaster mummy, do it again, do it again!” Avishkar laughed and I, now red in the face, looked sheepishly at him “Fine, I’ll keep it boring”, I said, before taking another sharp turn. Damn!!

Having said that, Avishkar is out sick today and attributes his cold to the constant bursts of cortisol (the stress hormone), which his body kept pumping during my driving, and consequently caused his immune system to get distracted, thus allowing him to catch the sniffles. 

This gives us the opportunity to reassess our trip. We are taking the next 7 days off to recover and recuperate, and we are planning to do so at a farmhouse in New York. More on that when we get there.

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