Day 6: Deep into caverns old at Luray Cavern, VA

Today, we drove from Roanoke, VA, to Fairfield, PA. Along the way, we stopped at Luray Caverns. Luray Caverns are underground caves carved by water and are estimated to be 450 million years old. They were discovered in 1878 and are made of carbon dioxide mixed with water that erodes minerals in the stone. As a result, the stalagmites (that grow up and might one day touch the sky) and stalactites (that grow downwards) grow very slowly at 1 inch every 120 years. A skeleton of a young female adult in the caverns called Skeleton Gorge. The skeleton was probably washed in the gorge through an opening.

In some parts, the water in the cave was like a perfect reflection.

In another part, there is The Great Stalacpipe Organ. The organ invented by Mr. Lelend W. Sprinkle is the world’s biggest instrument. The stalactites are the tone source. The mallets are electronically signaled to tap the stalactites, gently making musical tones. Mr Sprinkle had to find the right 37 stalactites that form the organ by tapping and checking more than 30,000 stalactites.

World Largest Organ at Luray Cavern VA

After our fun time at the caverns, we went to get ice cream and looked at some old toys and old cars. Our day was a fun one.

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